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B+C Classics

Hot Banana Oatmeal 11.99
Birchermuesli (Beer-Ker-Mew-Slee)* 12.99

from the Swiss Alps, our own secret recipe, since 1978, of rolled oats, fresh fruit + yogurt

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Platter** 16.99

toasted bagel + cream cheese + red onion + capers + lemon

Home Made Waffle - French Toast

Classic 13.59
Bananas & Chocolate 13.59
Strawberries & Cream 14.59
Blueberry & Cream 14.59

French Crepes

Black forest ham + Gruyère 14.59
Strawberries & Cream 14.59
Blueberry & Cream 14.59
Banana Chocolate 14.59
Chicken Florentine 15.99


Loraine 11.99
Spinach & Mushroom 11.99
Three Cheese 11.99
Salmon 12.99

Egg Dishes

Classic Shakshuka** GF 14.59

two eggs poached in tomatoes, peppers, onions, extra virgin olive oil + Middle Eastern spices

Big Breakfast  15.59

three scrambled eggs, country bacon, all-natural turkey sausage + hash browns

Light Fare 12.99

2 Egg whites, 2 slices of bacon, side fruit, and toast


With choice of salad, fresh fruit, hash browns, and toast
Spinach, Mushrooms & Feta  14.59

Sauteed Spinach , mushrooms + Greek Feta

French  14.59

Black Forest ham + gruyère

Western  15.59

Black Forest ham, tomatoes, red peppers, onions, cheddar cheese

Greek  14.59

Feta cheese, fresh tomatoes and black olives

French 15.59

Black Forest ham + gruyère

Baconator 15.99

Eggs , Bacon and more Bacon

Smoked Salmon 16.99

Eggs smoked salmon, veggie cream cheese

Healthy Veg’d Out 14.59

Eggs ,Grilled Mushroom, Onions, Green Peppers, Spinach, Tomato Swiss Cheese


B+C Eggs Benedict**  15.99

w/country bacon + hash browns

Salmon Eggs Benedict** 16.99

w/smoked salmon + hash browns

Little River 15.99

Topped with black forest ham ,poached eggs with hollandaise eggs

Italian Benedict 15.99

Topped with turkey sausage poached eggs with hollandaise eggs

Eggs Florentine 15.99

Topped spinach poached eggs with hollandaise eggs

Egg Sandwiches

Sandwich Du Matin 14.59

two eggs, country bacon, avocado + basil pesto on a croissant

Turkey + Bacon + Egg 15.59

all-natural oven-roasted turkey breast, country bacon + egg, Thousand Island dressing on toasted bagel

French Country 15.59

Black Forest ham, egg, gruyère + rosemary fig spread on toasted ciabatta

Avocado Toast Egg Sandwich + Fruit  13.99

Toasted whole wheat bread with a spread of olive oil, sliced avocado avocado and 2 poached eggs


French Onion Soup 11.50
Potato Leek Soup Cup 6.00 | Bowl 9.00
Grandma Soup Cup 6.00 | Bowl 9.00
Soup of the day * Cup 6.00 | Bowl 9.00


Mediterranean Appetizer Sampler 11.99

Hummus with olive oil, Kalamara Olives, 4 falafel and pita.

Gyro Platter 16.99

Hand-carved lamb on sliced pita with a side of tzatziki sauce and Greek salad

Falafel platter 15.99

4 vegetable patties made from ground chickpeas, garlic, cilantro, parsley and spices. Served with salad, side of hummus with pita bread triangles


Salmon**  15.99

Caribbean-spiced seared salmon, honey mustard, roasted red pepper, spinach + tomato on ciabatta

California Croissant  14.59

all-natural oven-roasted turkey breast, avocado + sun-dried tomato basil pesto

Tuna Salad Sandwich 13.59

albacore tuna salad + spinach + cucumbers + caramelized red onion + roasted red peppers + tomato on challah knot roll

Jambon + Brie  14.59

black forest ham, brie + honey mustard on French baguette

Chicken Avocado 14.99

grilled sliced chicken breasts, caramelized red onion + tomato + fresh avocado + jalapeño + mint + melted cheddar on knotted challah

Mediterranean  13.59

sundried tomato basil pesto, fresh spinach + peppers, kalamata olives, Greek feta on ciabbata

Falafel Sandwich  13.59

4 pieces of falafel on pita bread, lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, hummus and tahini

Bistro Salads

Tuna Salad 15.99

albacore tuna salad on arcadian harvest + cucumbers + roasted red peppers + caramelized tomato + aged balsamic vinegar + extra virgin olive oil

Autumn Spinach Salad 14.59

fresh Spinach + feta cheese + fresh avocado + steamed red beets +poached pear + toasted walnuts + mint yogurt dressing

Salmon Salad** GF 16.99

Caribbean-spiced seared salmon fillet, sliced avocado, caramelized tomatoes on lettuce + lemon vinaigrette

Mediterranean chicken salad 15.99

grilled sliced chicken breast + arcadian harvest + olives + capers + roasted red peppers + pan seared lemon drizzled w/sundried tomato basil pesto

Falafel Salad 15.99

Sliced Pita, 5 Falafel, Mixed Greens, Onions, Tom, Kalamata Olives, Topped with house Dressing, our Signature Tzatziki Sauce, Feta Cheese

Gyro Salad 16.99

Sliced pita bread tucked in mixed greens, topped with taziki sauce, gyro meat, feta cheese and house dressing

Greek Salad Add Chicken 5.99 10.99

Crisp Romain Lettuce, mixed greens, tossed with tomatoes, kalamata olives, Bell peppers, onions, imported feta cheese, topped with our Greek dressing

Petit Appetit

New York Bagel + Cream Cheese 5.50
Seasonal Fresh Fruit GF | Vegetarian 8.50

For The Kids

French Toast 7.99
Belgian Waffle 7.99
Grilled Cheese 7.99
Small Breakfast 7.99

two scrambled eggs + country bacon + hash browns *contains nuts. all other items on menu may contain trace of nuts.

Bananas & Chocolate Crêpe 7.99

Specialty Drinks

Espresso 3.00
Cafe Americano 4.00
Cafe Breve 5.55
Cappuccino 5.55
Cafe Latte 5.55
Vanilla Latte 5.55
Iced Specialty Drinks 5.55
Hot Chocolate 4.55
Chai Latte 5.55
Vanilla Mocha 5.55
Cafe Mocha 5.55
Vanilla Latte 5.55

Extra Shot 80¢ • Add Flavor 65¢

Gourmet Coffee

Lavazza Dark Roast 2.99
Lavazza House Blend 2.99
Lavazza Decaf House Blend 2.99
Mighty Leaf Teas 2.99

Cold Beverages

Milk 4.00
Fresh Orange Juice 4.99
Assorted Juices 4.99
Iced Tea 4.00
Bottled Water 4.00
Perrier 4.00
Orangina 4.00
Assorted Sodas 3.00



ham + cheese


cream cheese

French Pastry

Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate Mousse
Mango Mousse Cake
Lemon Raspberry mousse
Black Forest Cake
Chocolate Royal
Fruit Tart
Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Bomb
Fruit Bavarian Cake


Chocolate Fondue
with tea, bread + fresh fruit

Assorted French
Pastries + Tarts

European Wine


Casa Blanca


Nostos Pink
Manousakis Winery

10 /36

Bosinakis Rose
10 /36

Hibiscus Rose
10 /36


Villa San Martino
Pinot Grigio

Val de Salis


Los Medanos

Nostos “Alexandra’s” Blend
[Manousakis Winery]



Heineken ~ 6.50
Stella Artois ~ 7.00
Samuel Adams ~ 7.00

*contains nuts. all other items on menu may contain trace of nuts.
** Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness.
20% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more.